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Abstract Nola is a creative collective committed to creating platforms for artists in all mediums develop, promote, & sell their products + services.


Whatever the vision, we offer an array of services to help develop our clients’ products and services to increase their adaptability. We create a customized program tailored to your company’s or individual needs. We strategically align tasks with the principles of your current goals to ensure you meet them. If something isn’t working, we figure out how to make it work. If something is working, we figure out ways to enhance what works…

We’re with you every step of the way.




We're here to bring your ideas to life.

Are you a creative that needs help with branding/marketing, a product launch, event production, or music production? We're here to help. Check our list of services, then contact us today to get started.




Social Media Campaigns, Website Features, PPC Campaigns, Press Releases



Website Development, Logo Design, Vision + Mission Development


Event Production

Product Launches, Gallery Showings, Festivals, Private Dinners, Parties, Fundraisers, + More


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